Don’t be hard headed!

Throughout the semester in my digital literacy class I have found so many changes in myself that I can use to help others. I think that this class has made me more of an innovator than I ever have been before. I have so many tools that are super simple, yet so handy at the same time that I can’t wait to share with others. Some weeks I caught myself dwelling on the amount of tasks I had to get done by Sunday or I would try to figure out a new tool and struggle, but never did I give up. I always thought to myself that sometimes it takes something difficult to get through to receive something spectacular. By not being a hard headed person and never giving up, I have found myself to be quite the innovator through the tools I now have for my future classroom. But I am not stopping now!

This class is just the beginning of all the new ideas and ways things can be done to better myself and eventually better my students. Innovation in learning is all about being willing to learn and try new things. Curriculum, learning styles, materials and everything else in the classroom is always changing so being able to adapt to that change and use it in the classroom to help your students be successful is what matters most.  Seeing my students achieve is my main goal so being an innovator and having the mindset for change is going to get me there. George said it perfect here, “Innovation is not something new to education, but it is something that we can do better.  The access to people and information changes a lot of the opportunities that are available both for students and educators, which calls for all of those being involved in education to see ourselves as learners” (The Mindset of an Innovator, 2017).

I hope as a innovator in educator I can continue on always finding new ways to teach my students and give them the best possible learning environment I can. “I build upon what I already know, but I do not limit myself to myself. I’m open to and willing to embrace new learning, while continuously asking questions to move forward” (The Mindset of an Innovator, 2017).  This is exactly what I hope to do. Build and being willing!

At the beginning of our digital literacy class we got told that we had to tweet. TWEET! I would have never guessed a teacher would tell me I had to have social media and be active on it daily. This is definitely something I had to unlearn throughout this semester. Yes, I go on my personal social media daily, but adapting to the fact our teacher wanted us to communicate through ways that most people are very familiar was different, yet so smart. I would much rather have a conversation on Twitter with classmates then do it on Sakai under forums. Forum conversations can sound so fake and I think more teachers need to step outside the norm and be more like our digital literacy class. Find a new way to have students communicate besides forums. (PLEASEEEEE!!)

This ties perfect into what I found on a blog, “We need to unlearn the premise that we know more than our kids, because in many cases, they can now be our teachers as well” (21C teaching, 2017).  Most kids have social media now days and some people disapprove the fact that they use them. Why not adapt to what children use and like and put it in lessons???

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6 thoughts on “Don’t be hard headed!

  1. Bailey, I love what you said about always finding new and beneficial practices in the classroom. At the beginning of the semester, I wasn’t so sure about having to tweet for a class either, but I think it has been extremely beneficial. It is in a more realistic environment than forums. Also, when you think of forums you think of homework. Even though we had an assigned number of tweets, it was in a much more relaxed, conversation-like style. Great job!


    1. Timmi,
      Comparing forums to homework is the perfect example. I mean they really are a forum of homework but it’s something we dread unlike knowing we have to tweet 20 times a week. I would much rather tweet than do a forum. Thanks for reading!


  2. Nice, I agree that I also think that technology integration and innovation in the classroom has be sent into the background of education. Today, especially I find that students have started to expect the integration rather than appreciate the resources they have to take control of their own learning processes. I agree at the beginning of the year I found this class to be a little off-charter for me but throughout the semester have learned to appreciate that we as college students are re-learning how to use ‘simple’ resources.


  3. Bailey,
    I agree that tweeting was something new for me. I don’t think I have ever used twitter so widely throughout my life. I had to unlearn how to use twitter and also how to use all the other sites that she had us working on. While I struggled with this class, I can say that it has been one of my favorite because of all the new tools and ideas.
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Kelly,
      Always great to hear that classmates feel the same way about a class. I look forward to seeing if more teachers integrate Twitter or other forms of social media into classrooms to connect more on students levels!


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