My Journey Through Kindness

you dont need a reason to help people
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It’s pretty crazy all the different ways you can show kindness to others even without trying. Throughout my Independent Learning Project this semester I discovered that the possibilities and ideas for being kind are endless. Sometimes I think that people feel the need to have to buy their love or show their gratitude through something expensive, which is not the case. Kindness can be given, shown and received in ways that don’t cost anything.

This quote on the left is simple yet so blunt and powerful about being kind. Be kind just because you want to be kind, not because you feel forced or are seeking a reward in return.

The endless amount of activities/ lessons on the internet (Pinterest) that teachers can use for all ages, covering the concept of kindness or random acts of kindness makes my heart utterly happy. Many of my blogs this semester on my ILP covered different activities you could do in your classroom and every time I found a new one or asked someone for ideas, there was no questioning about it. They were right there… easy to find!

My ILP was fairly easy to be motivated to work on each week because I was working on bettering myself as well as others at the same time. One of my lifetime goals

be the reason someone smiles today
The quote I have as my wallpaper on my phone. (Image from google images)

is to make people happy whether it be from holding the door open at a restaurant to paying for someones drinks behind me at Starbucks to whatever else comes in my way. Β This learning project gave me the chance to pursue that and make me more motivated to be kind every day. It also given me so many activities to use in my future classroom… I definitely came out more motivated after than I was before! πŸ™‚

Honestly I never struggled blogging about my ILP’s…ever. I looked forward to telling people about my new ideas that I found for them to use as well as me. I think since I have had a passion in the past for random acts this re-lite that flame and made me more passionate about it again. If I had to chose a struggle it would more than likely be trying to get everyone to be kind. That is on

nice eraser
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e task that I can’t say is impossible, but it is very tough. Eventually I do think that if every person is kind to just one other person, eventually there will be a never ending cycle of kindness being spread across the globe.

So to know whether or not my ILP was truly successful for me I want to hear from my classmates on whether or not they think I made a difference this semester. Whether they think the links, random act ideas, quotes and activities I shared are or will be useful to them! If so… then I would say my semester on kindness was an all around success. Β I hope so πŸ™‚

Yours kindly,



4 thoughts on “My Journey Through Kindness

  1. I think you did an amazing job with you ILP! From everything that I have read on your blogs and on twitter, you made a huge difference in many people’s lives. I think that doing lessons with students about kindness will help them see how important it is to be kind to their classmates and other people. I also like how you said you think if everyone is kind to just one person, then it would be like a never ending cycle. I think it could make a huge difference in everybody’s lives to have random act of kindness done to them at least once.


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