Being a teacher is like being a nanny

Please ignore this horrid thumbnail YouTube decided to place for my video but go ahead and check out my digital story teaching metaphor; Being a teacher is like being a nanny. I was honestly super scared when I heard about having to make a video that lasted a minimum of four minutes. Reading the instructions for this assignment made my stomach drop because I have zero self confidence when it comes to filming myself. (I mean look at my thumbnail for Pete sake! Valid reason why I don’t have confidence!)

Turns out after about seven attempts later it wasn’t too bad. Granted I don’t have the best of luck because I was at 3:38 on my first attempt and my storage ran outs so I start over!! GRRR. Then after that I slurred my words or said something that didn’t make sense and now in my last one I coughed like five times. My apologies! It’s a sign that I should just stick to blogging and maybe other activities that don’t involved recording myself without a pause button. This still has given me no do desire to post more videos of me talking. But overall it was an experience that I can say I accomplished with more pride then I started with.


14 thoughts on “Being a teacher is like being a nanny

  1. This was so great!! I am still trying to get myself to do this assignment..:/
    I think it is so cool how great of a relationship you have with your little brother, I can definitely relate to that, except for the fact that I was super mad when my parents brought home mine because he was taking all of the attention away from me! Very cool post, thanks for sharing!!


    1. Haley,
      I feel as if most kids get upset when they find out there is going to be another kid in the family whether it’s your first sibling or your third. The youngest is always the baby and seems to be an attention thief. As long as you have an awesome relationship now that’s all that matters! 🙂


  2. I love your metaphor! You are definitely very passionate about kids, and I think this will be a huge asset to you as a future teacher! I can tell just with how you talk about them, and with your background as a babysitter. The feeling of kids remembering you and running to hug you even after you haven’t watched them for a while is a great one! Good luck with your future classroom I hope you get to do all you set out to! 🙂


  3. Way to put yourself out there! Fun 4 minute presentation! You are special and helping the kiddo’s you work with in the future get through life seems like it is your calling. I am sure you help each child reach their goals! I wish you the best in pursuing your passion!


  4. Bailey,
    This was a great video. I felt the same way about video taping myself for a minimum of four minutes. It is so much different than speaking in front of a class. Looking at yourself while you are speaking really distracts your thoughts. But you handled it very well. Good Work!


    1. It’s good to know I am not the only one who was struggling with this. Although it did turn out to be easier than I expected I’m still not sure how well I met the requirements. Thanks for watching!


  5. I loved this! You knew from an early age that you loved working with children. It drives you passion for teaching. I too began watching daycare children before going to college. Your students will be blessed having you as their teacher, because you genuinely care about them and their futures. Great job!


  6. Bailey,
    I loved your metaphor. I also love how you can tell that you are in love with your little brother and the little girl that you have babysat since she was only a few months old. Throughout this video you can tell that you are passionate about kids and helping them grow. This passion will serve you greatly in the teaching world!


  7. I really like your video, I can tell you are really passionate about what you do. Great metaphor as well. Good luck with the rest of your career, I hope you have a good summer.


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