30 Day challenge is complete

About a month ago I learned about the ds106 website.  “This course is free to anyone who wants to take it, and the only requirements are a real computer, a hardy internet connection, preferably a domain of your own and some commodity web hosting, and all the creativity you can muster” (About). So basically all this website is, is a free course that you can join at anytime and then leave at anytime that has you explore different ways to use technology. The different creates (which are your assignments) are provided by all sorts of different people who use ds106 too and if you are feeling extra creative you can even make your own up! I personally was not that creative so I stuck with using the daily creates that were already available.  I found this to be kind of strange concept, yet very handy for people who are wanting to try something different but have no requirements holding them back.

Each person in my digital literacy class was asked to do a 30 day daily create challenge. Pretty much all we had to do was once a day go find a daily create and do whatever it said to do. Assignments can be turned into places like Twitter and your personal blog as long as you #ds106 and put the assignment number that each daily create comes with it.

Here were some of my favorite daily creates I did. Yes these are all visual ones because that was my favorite category, but there is many other categories to pick assignments from such as, audio, video, writing and even drawing.

I love looking back at the ones I did. It makes me feel very accomplished for doing one everyday for 20 days and not missing a single day! (thank goodness for reminders on my iPhone! Technology is one great tool.) The daily creates made me really think about what I wanted to post for that particular topic. For example: A picture of my happy place…I chose to do of my brother riding his dirt bike because he has so much talent that it makes me super happy seeing his success in it.  It’s as random as that for your assignments. It’s awesome!

If you see yourself interested in trying this 30 day challenge or have started and need some ideas. Check out my list of daily creates I did for some ideas 🙂 —–> 30 day challenge

You can also check out my professional twitter page for the actually daily creates I did rather than just the name of them like my checklist link above.  @baileyb1114


About ds106. (n.d.). Retrieved March 31, 2017, from http://ds106.us/about/


6 thoughts on “30 Day challenge is complete

  1. Great picture of putting yourself on a beach in ‘Ds106″ on Twitter. I am in the middle of my challenge now and find that every morning while drinking coffee I look forward to being a tiny bit creative. Thank you for sharing your journey!


    1. Why thank you! I found it to be quite interesting to see what I was going to do for my challenge each day too! It’s also fun to see the different daily creates people in our class pick! Best of luck with the rest of your challenge!

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  2. I love all of your pictures and the feeling of accomplishment after you get done with them is pretty great! I liked going online and seeing everyone’s challenges for that day, everyone is just so dang creative! Thanks for sharing how it went for you, looks like you had a blast!


  3. I like your daily creates. I am having troubles doing them everyday. I have a large amount of them wrote down so I can do them all at one time. I don’t know if that counts but I am trying to get it done.
    Great Post!


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