I’d rather be a hack school student than a normal student

WOW. My one word response after learning about Hack schooling by a teenager named Logan LaPlante.

Before watching this Ted Talk I had never heard of hack schooling and especially did not know there was this kind of opt out in the private schools. Coming from a student who is a bad test taker, asks all the “dumb” questions in class, and actually learns better hands on I would love to see schools veer more in this direction! We ask children what they want to be when they get older and then they might have to write a story about it or draw a picture but never do we actually get to put those interests towards what we want to be until closer to high school and really more so until college.

Why should we have to wait to learn more about what our futures hold and what we want to be?  We shouldn’t.  The founder of this hack schooling is a genius. The children look forward to school. They get to do things they love everyday and it makes them happy. Logan discussed in the Ted Talk that ts is all about being happy in life (T). If everyone’s outlook on life was to be happy like it was Logan’s think about the motivation that would come forth from people. I see so much benefit from being able to go to school at a young age based on your personal interests!

After watching the Ted Talk with Logan and learning about hack schooling I realized that a recent blog I just read called, “Centering on Essential Lenses” relates almost hand in hand with the Ted Talk. Bud Hunt gave three main points; Making, hacking and playing. These points he makes by referring to camera lenses and what we see through them and even how we see through them based on the lenses we use. Bud said, “Lenses are good for focusing on what matters in a given situation, challenge or opportunity.  You need several in your camera bag if you want to see the most of the world and capture it for yourself or others.” I loved this! It related me right to the Ted Talk and how given the right tools you can explore and find so many unique things!

Hack schooling gives you new opportunities to discover who you really are. Find your interests and dig deep into those passions unlike your typical schools. I cannot wait to see what the future holds if hack schooling continues to grow.



Hunt, B. (2012, May 24). Centering on Essential Lenses [Web log post]. Retrieved January 16, 2017, from http://budtheteacher.com/blog/2012/05/24/centering-on-essential-lenses/

T. (2013, February 12). Hackschooling makes me happy | Logan LaPlante | TEDxUniversityofNevada. Retrieved January 16, 2017, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=16&v=h11u3vtcpaY


8 thoughts on “I’d rather be a hack school student than a normal student

    1. Yes! I think hack schooling really depends on the type of person because if you dont have a particuallar intrest of if you like how the normal school system works then there is not point in changing directions! I think it would be neat if this was actually an option when kids reached a certain age they could decide what path of schooling they wanted to take.


  1. Really enjoyed your post! I think that Logan’s approach to hackschooling could revolutionize charter schools. I think that it’s a wonderful form of learning for families/students that chose not to be in public school. I agree that it would be a great alternative offered if the school systems are not working out. I feel a little disheartened that this type of schooling could not be offered to all public school students, because they cannot afford to transfer over to online charter schools. I think that Hunt did a great job at explaining how to be resourceful and why it is important to take thing into your own hands. Thanks!


    1. Molly,
      I’m really glad you enjoyed what I had to say. It is pretty crazy how this isn’t offered to everyone but maybe that’s for the better and maybe it’s because it has yet to become how the school systems turn out to be in the future. After learning about hack schooling it really quite excites me about what’s in store for our future with the education systems!


  2. I’m a bad test taker too! Which is difficult when our school system is filled with standardized test taking. Having test anxiety and over thinking all the questions was something that always impacted my grade. I’m a kinesthetic learner–a hands on learner. I could easily go above and beyond on a project and blow it out of the water, but when it came down to tests…it was so defeating. And the ACT, don’t even get me started! It was so degrading to know that a simple test could determine so much! I feel like I’m the one in the class asking dumb questions too. Glad to know I’m not alone!


    1. This post was spot on! We are have many similarities and it is nice to know someone else in the class that learns and thinks int he same way. Being a kinesthetic learner makes tests even harder. I wish there was more tests that were hands on focused rather than anything similar to the ACT. Gosh I strongly dislike that test and dread the praxis because of how much of a damper the ACT put on me with stress and discouragement.


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